Smart Tag Management

Smart Tag Management

Supertag is Australian’s leading tag management platform that enables digital marketers and agencies to manage a wide range of digital analytics and optimisation technologies through an easy to use drag and drop online interface.

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Enterprise Tag Management

SuperTag delivers a significant increase in digital ROI through more advanced campaigns, in particular improved ad relevance, user experience and conversion rates.

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Widen The Conversion Funnel

SuperTag enables a variety of data applications to collect accurate multi-channel media attribution data to provide advanced insights and fatten your conversion funnel.

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Marketing Independence

By making SuperTag easy to use, we free up organisation resources and allow marketers to operate efficiently and independently with minimal or no involvement from IT. Your speed to market just got better.

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Optimise Site Performance

Managing your tags in a single environment simplifies your tag management while improving your data integrity.

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SuperTag can be integrated with any analytics vendor software and currently has an extensive tag management library.